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  • space

    WVU physicist part of NASA mission

    On March 12, NASA launched the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission, the first such mission dedicated to studying - and it is hoped, solving - the mystery of magnetic reconnection. Professor Paul Cassak is a member of the MMS Theory and Modeling Team.


  • ArtMuseum

    Art Museum of WVU Scheduled to Open

    After years of planning, giving, and building, the Art Museum of West Virginia University is scheduled to open to the public in the fall semester.


  • stretch

    Goal 5: Well-being and Quality of Life in WV

    Goal 5 of WVU2020 is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of the people of West Virginia. Three roundtables focused on this component of WVU's land grant mission: Economic Well-Being and Engagement, Lifelong Learning, and Quality of Life.


  • EvoLLLutionVeteransArticle

    Serving Those Who Served

    WVU Provost Joyce McConnell describes four ways to create a veteran-friendly campus in an article written for Evolllution, the online newspaper focused on non-traditional higher education programs.