Goal 3: Diversity Dashboard

Foster diversity and an inclusive culture.

Goal 3 of the Strategic Plan calls for WVU to “Foster diversity and an inclusive culture.” The impact of the university’s diversity initiatives can be measured in part by the enrollment of minority groups. This dashboard tracks enrollment of minority races and ethnicities, women, and veterans.

Minority groups are defined as US citizens whose race/ethnicity is not white and not unknown. White students, students whose race/ethnicity is unknown, and international students are excluded. Categories are defined by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). In 2009, IPEDS changed its race/ethnicity categories. The categories 'Multiracial,' 'Asian,' and 'Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander' were added; 'Asian American/Pacific Islander' was removed.

Note: Survivor/Dependent (Chapter 35) benefits are included.

Represents the headcount enrollment of female students as a percent of total headcount enrollment by degree level at the WVU main campus.

Represents the headcount enrollment of female students as a percentage of total headcount enrollment at the WVU main campus.