Global Engagement Roundtable Conclusions Published

The findings and recommendations of the Global Engagement Roundtable have been published. Download the roundtable’s conclusions (PDF).



The Global Engagement Roundtable (GERT) was formed to address goal 4 of the 2020 Strategic Plan: “Advance international activity and global engagement.” Its charge included determining how to maximize WVU’s global impact through increased institutional visibility, opportunities, and resources. The roundtable was also charged to create a permanent leadership structure to replace the roundtable at its conclusion.

Findings and Recommendations

GERT recommended that WVU increase the international student body and provide a leadership structure to facilitate and coordinate education, outreach, research, and cooperative agreements with institutions across the globe.

GERT found that WVU has a lower proportion of international students and a less mature infrastructure than many other universities. The roundtable proposed that the university work toward 1) increasing the percentage of international students from 4.8 percent to 10 percent of the total student body, 2) doubling the number of inbound international scholars and professionals, and 3) increasing the percentage of study abroad participants from 3.6 percent to 6 percent of the total student body—all by 2015.

The roundtable also determined that the university’s global engagement and outreach efforts are organizationally and physically decentralized. One key to success, GERT concluded, is to organize the university’s global engagement efforts under one administrator in a single physical location.

The roundtable proposed a new organizational structure under a senior international officer (SIO). The SIO would report to the president, the provost, or a vice president, and oversee all global outreach and engagement efforts.

“Providing international students with a one-stop shop and coordinating our global research and outreach centrally are top priorities for our success,” says Jose Sartarelli, chair of GERT and Milan Puskar Dean of the College of Business and Economics.


Chaired by Jose Sartarelli, GERT convened on April 26, 2011. Members included Nigel Clark, Jay Cole, Sue Day-Perroots, Michael Lastinger, Chris Martin, Timothy Phipps, and David Stewart.

Read more about the roundtable’s background and charge. Download the roundtable’s conclusions (PDF).