Roundtables were established to advance the strategic plan during its implementation. Success anticipated that roundtable participants were experienced in the relevant area, yet guided by the goals and objectives of the plan.

The Strategic Planning Council recognized that many groups and individuals at West Virginia University already were engaged in laudable activities that advanced the goals of the strategic plan, but that these efforts were not broadly coordinated. The Council concluded that increased coordination, communication, cooperation and structure would offer substantial institutional benefit. Roundtables served to increase coordination and provide focus during the implementation process.

In some cases, existing structures substituted for roundtables. The Blueprint for Student Success Working Group, for example, substituted for a roundtable on student retention. In 2010, the Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup provided a sufficiently comprehensive blueprint for the advancement of diversity and inclusion at the university that it has not been necessary to convene a roundtable for Goal 3 “Foster diversity and an inclusive culture.”