Economic Well-Being and Engagement Roundtable


The Economic Well-Being and Engagement Roundtable (EWERT) was one of three roundtables formed to advance Goal 5 of West Virginia University’s 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future, “Enhance the well-being and the quality of life of the people of West Virginia.” To address its modern land-grant mission, West Virginia University must re-dedicate itself to the health of the state’s citizens, improve the quality of life in the state, successfully deliver lifelong educational opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and facilitate the development of policy. Goal 5 has three specific objectives:

Objective 1

Create an academic health system and health professions programs that enhance the well-being of West Virginians.

Objective 2

Increase opportunities for the citizens of the state through workforce education, lifelong learning, and outreach to every county.

Objective 3

Promote sustainable economic development and a cultural environment that improve the quality of life throughout the state.

A list of action items was offered in tandem with the objectives. These must be addressed in part by the EWERT.

  • Expand outreach efforts to connect the campuses to citizens and communities throughout the state. Provide resources and information to equip West Virginia University Extension agents, and other personnel engaged in outreach and care, for a broader role as ambassadors for the institution.
  • Meet regularly with state and industry leaders to articulate University successes and initiatives, to learn of the needs of the state, and to promote the commercialization of research, economic development, and global commerce.

The EWERT needed to coordinate economic and policy-related state engagement planning with the Quality of Life Roundtable and the Lifelong Learning Roundtable, and remain aware of Global Engagement Roundtable conclusions related to international economic engagement.


  • Define all engagement that is worthy, by
    • documenting the ways in which the institution already engages with the state, its citizens, and its industry to promote economic opportunity and suggest how these activities may be enhanced or coordinated, and
    • determining other ways in which the institution may engage with the state to encourage economic growth and the formation of effective policy.
  • Recommend ways in which the importance and success of outreach can be publicized by
    • promoting employee involvement in outreach, and maintaining the quality of outreach activities, and
    • articulating internally and externally the relationship between research, education, economic opportunity, and policy development.
  • Develop a suggested university structure to advance the university’s role in economic opportunity and policy development, define its duties and missions, and advise how it may play a role in future proactive legislative engagement.
  • Produce clear initial action items, and define necessary resources, to advance the EWERT mission. Propose a “five year pathway” to success, with a well-defined execution plan, and clear metrics to measure the success of the plan and actions.

Roundtable Membership

Conclusions – December 12, 2012