Educational Responsibility Roundtable


The Educational Responsibility Roundtable (ERRT) was formed to advance Goal 1 of the 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future, “Engage undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in a challenging academic environment.” Two objectives of Goal 1 address the need for an educational experience that equips students to lead and succeed:

OBJECTIVE 1: Educate, retain, and graduate the leaders of tomorrow at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

OBJECTIVE 2: Transform the curriculum and encourage innovation in teaching to provide students with the skills that they need to succeed in a rapidly changing society.

The action proposed to achieve these objectives is:

ACTION 1: Weave critical and creative thinking, lifelong learning and career skills, wellness, and sustainability into the curriculum, and align programs with the needs of society and the state.

This action aligns with West Virginia University’s aspiration to “be among the nation’s leaders in career readiness” and the work of the Lifelong Learning Roundtable. The ERRT will need to coordinate its efforts with this roundtable.


  • Examine the data and conclusions from 1) a detailed review of curricular change at peer institutions, of expert articles related to undergraduate curriculum, and of studies of experiential versus conventional learning techniques, and 2) a summary of the characteristics of a graduate that contribute to employment success, career success, societal contribution, and adaptability to change
  • Consult with relevant constituencies or experts on or off campus to broaden the vision of the roundtable
  • Determine the future educational role the institution should adopt
  • Refine and define undergraduate educational objectives, delivery mechanisms, and assessment tools
  • Propose how mid-term change may be implemented
  • Identify cultural changes, structural changes, and resources needed to proceed
  • Propose a five-year path to success, in conjunction with the colleges and Faculty Senate, with a well-defined implementation plan and clear metrics to measure progress

Roundtable Membership

Report – October 10, 2014