Global Engagement Roundtable


Goal 4 of the strategic plan, “Advance international activity and global engagement,” calls for greater global engagement, and provides three objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1: Promote international partnerships in education, research, outreach, and economic development that benefit our constituents and the state.

OBJECTIVE 2: Integrate global themes broadly into the curriculum.

OBJECTIVE 3: Create an integrated administrative infrastructure to promote global engagement and awareness.


  • Address Objective 1 by determining how the institution may have the greatest global impact with limited seed resources. Success measures should include increased institutional visibility, creation of opportunity and resources for institutional constituents, such as educational enhancement, and increased opportunity and resources for our state.
  • Consider, particularly, whether the bulk of our international engagement should be concentrated geographically or thematically.
  • Identify clear initial action items to advance the findings in (1) and (2) above.
  • Remain cognizant of planning efforts within units, and to engage with those efforts.
  • Create a permanent leadership structure to replace GERT, or determine that GERT in a present or altered form should continue in the leadership role.
  • Propose (through GERT, or via its successor) a “five year pathway” to success, with a well-defined execution plan, and clear metrics to measure the success.

Roundtable Membership

Conclusions – October 1, 2012