Lifelong Learning Roundtable


As a land-grant, flagship, research university, West Virginia University has a special obligation to provide educational access and opportunity to individuals of all ages. To fulfill this mission, West Virginia University launched WV You, a lifelong learning initiative that coordinates existing programs and develop new ones in response to the state’s needs for an educated citizenry and workforce.

Lifelong learning is an integral part of West Virginia University’s land-grant mission, and prominently features in its 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future. One of Goal 5’s three objectives speaks to the importance of workforce education, lifelong learning, and outreach:

OBJECTIVE 2: Increase opportunities for the citizens of the state through workforce education, lifelong learning, and outreach to every county.

Additionally, the third objective of Goal 1 addresses the significance of engaging the Pre-K – 12 education system and the Community and Technical College System:

OBJECTIVE 3: Strengthen relationships with the state and with regional primary and secondary education systems to facilitate a seamless, lifelong learning process.

Finally, one of West Virginia University’s Aspirations underscores the worth of a successful career:

ASPIRATION 3: West Virginia University graduates will be among the nation’s leaders in career readiness.


  • Document WVU’s current initiatives related to lifelong learning, including engagement with the Pre-K – 12 education system and the Community and Technical College system, online and distance learning, academic and career guidance, workforce education and outreach, continuing education and professional development, alumni learning opportunities, and assess how these activities should be enhanced or coordinated.
  • Determine the information and sources required to gauge programmatic needs and interests.
  • Identify opportunities to advance lifelong learning at West Virginia University that align with the goals of the strategic plan and the institution’s mission, in areas of emphasis such as youth engagement, educational access, workforce education, outreach, and students’ academic and career success.
  • Propose a five-year path to success, with a well-defined implementation plan, a proposed leadership structure, resource requirements, and clear metrics to measure the success of the plan and actions.
  • Establish the practices and infrastructure that will lead WVU to success in lifelong learning during the five-year implementation period described in #3.

Roundtable Membership

Conclusions – December 30, 2013