Action Items (Draft Plan)

  1. Re-imagine our educational mission.
      a. Restructure the curriculum at all levels, both to improve retention and graduation rates and to weave diversity, global engagement, sustainability, critical and creative thinking, lifelong learning skills and workforce skills into the curriculum.
      b. Promote West Virginia University nationally and globally and establish efforts to recruit high-quality undergraduate and graduate students to grow the diversity and international composition of our student body and to contribute to the success of the research mission.
      c. Establish an action team to plan and promote West Virginia University’s engagement with the state’s K-12 education process, and to implement change at West Virginia University that will lead to a seamless transition between K-12 and undergraduate education.
  2. Advance the institution through the growth of research.
      a. Establish a “best practice” research infrastructure that facilitates the pursuit of research, eliminates bureaucratic barriers, aligns reward with success, and links research with education, global engagement and economic development in the state.
      b. Invest in the hiring of high-quality faculty who are committed to research success in targeted areas within the institution, and nurture and mentor faculty to a high level of achievement. Encourage diversity in the applicant pools.
  3. Improve structures, processes and communication.
      a. Promote a customer service culture, process-oriented mandate and collaborative attitude among all support and administrative units at West Virginia University. Espouse process efficiency and automation.
      b. Establish leadership and communication structures for diversity and global engagement success.
      c. Promote leadership, cooperative structures or communication lines as appropriate for the coordination of cross-cutting areas on campus. Those areas include, but are not limited to, sustainability, research, information technology, risk management and compliance, community engagement, outreach and economic development.
      d. Remove the barriers to interdisciplinary research, education and cooperation and create procedures, structures and rewards that encourage interdisciplinary success.
      e. Establish a formal methodology for testing the need for a policy or procedure and for creating a policy or procedure. Gather all policies and procedures at a common site and require that each policy or procedure has an owner and a date for review or retirement.
  4. Engage with the state, nation and world.
      a. Expand outreach efforts that connect the campuses to citizens and communities in the state. Provide resources and information to equip West Virginia University Extension agents and other personnel engaged in outreach and care for a broader role as ambassadors for the institution.
      b. Encourage West Virginia University leaders to meet more regularly with state administrators, state legislators, and industry leaders to articulate University successes and initiatives, to learn of the needs of the state, and to promote economic development and global commerce.
      c. Develop and implement strategic initiatives that promote West Virginia University nationally and globally by highlighting its success in education, research, outreach and economic development.
      d. Strengthen relationships with alumni and stakeholders, locally, nationally and globally.
  5. Develop strategies to grow resources and formulate guidelines to allocate resources optimally.
      a. Transparently select programs, units, research areas and ventures that offer fertile ground for a high return on investment by raising quality, impact and visibility at West Virginia University, and invest resources appropriately. Maintain an open call for proposals to assist with the selection of investment areas.
      b. Hire outstanding faculty and staff proactively and strategically, invest in their professional development and retention, and offer competitive salaries and benefits.
      c. Develop methodologies to garner revenue from both traditional and original sources.