Engage undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in a challenging academic environment.


  • Educate, retain, and graduate the leaders of tomorrow at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.
  • Transform the curriculum and encourage innovation in teaching to provide students with the skills that they need to succeed in a rapidly changing society.
  • Strengthen relationships with the state and with regional primary and secondary education systems to facilitate a seamless, lifelong learning process.


  1. Weave critical and creative thinking, lifelong learning and career skills, wellness, and sustainability into the curriculum, and align programs with the needs of society and the state.
  2. Improve retention and graduation rates.
  3. Attract and retain high-quality, diverse, and international students.
  4. Engage with the Pre K – 12 education system and the Community and Technical College System throughout the state.
  5. Expand online and distance learning options to increase educational access.
  6. Offer excellent academic advising to students.
  7. Guide students to career success.