Enhance the well-being and the quality of life of the people of West Virginia.


  • Create an academic health system and health professions programs that enhance the well-being of West Virginians.
  • Increase opportunities for the citizens of the state through workforce education, lifelong learning, and outreach to every county.
  • Promote sustainable economic development and a cultural environment that improve the quality of life throughout the state.


  1. Expand outreach efforts to connect the campuses to citizens and communities throughout the state. Provide resources and information to equip West Virginia University Extension agents, and other personnel engaged in outreach and care, for a broader role as ambassadors for the institution.
  2. Meet regularly with state and industry leaders to articulate University successes and initiatives, to learn of the needs of the state, and to promote the commercialization of research, economic development, and global commerce.
  3. Create a nimble academic health system that is responsive to patient access needs, ensures high quality, cost-effective, and safe care, and delivers patient satisfaction and value.
  4. Strengthen relationships with alumni, stakeholders, and the communities that neighbor West Virginia University campuses.